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Live Lookup - Insert Customer Information automatically


Hello !

we are actually trying your product for internal use andI might say it’s a very good system.

However, we are wondering something:
We have made our own Live Lookup script which is checking into our AD the requester information based on his email address (autmatically started if there is no customer ID).
But, is there a way to make the “Customer information” automatically inserted if there is only 1 result returned by the LL script ?
This will happen at 99% of our tickets and will be very useful.

Thank in advance !


Hi Camille,

Yes, there is. You can create a trigger (admin-triggers) for when a request is created to run the action Live Lookup. If one result is returned it will insert the data.

Note, there is an open bug on this feature that affects some users/platforms which we’re working on but not all installations are affected so give it a go.



Can you please elaborate on the bug? I can get the system to trigger a live lookup but nothing is inserted, even when there is a unique match. I’m wondering if I need to do something else, or wait for the fix.



Yes, I think you’re probably hitting it. We should have it fixed in 3.1.2


Hi Ian,

I’m in the same case than Mike. I’ve done the trigger but nothing is inserted.
note: I can see the trigger is working in the full history of a ticket.

Will the product notify us when this new version be available ?


Yes, you’ll be notified and you’ll also receive an email.


Very good ! Thanks !

One last question if I may: Do you have any idea when this update will be available ? (even approximately)

Thanks a lot !


It’s probably a few weeks out.


Great :slight_smile:

Thanks again !


I’ve been trying to do this. My live lookup returns a single record and I can see the trigger is firing from the ticket history but nothing gets inserted to the database. Is there something else I need to do on the trigger to have it insert the returned data?