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Live Lookup not Inserting Information


Hello. I trying to create a trigger that will do a live lookup and insert a customer’s information back into a ticket. I created a trigger and I can see that it fires in the history but nothing gets inserted back into the ticket. The Live Lookup works fine from the dropdown list and returns only one record so I’m not sure what I’m missing to make the work properly.


When you use it in the regular UI it’s also able to insert into the fields correct? What version of HelpSpot is this, there was a bug in older versions that could cause this.


Yes that’s correct. We’re on 4.0.11.


It should be fine on that version. What can often happen is the LL script is actually returning something different when called from the trigger vs manually. It might be useful to log the results locally from the LL script to a file to see if there’s a difference in what’s being returned. Most often it’s that in that case the logic is returning more than one result.


Thanks Ian. I know it’s only returning one result. I’ll try capturing the data when it’s happening and see if there’s a difference.


One other note, the devs here just let me know that 4.0.12 has a fix which could impact this also so if you don’t see anything fishy in those results try upgrading and see how that goes.


Updating to 4.0.12 seems to been what it needed. It’s working now.


Great! Let us know if you have any other trouble.


Well it still is not working well. It only works about 10% of the time. I tried putting something in the xml generator page to capture whenever it is called and from what I can see, HelpSpot is not consistently calling the live lookup page from the trigger.


Chris from support was great and worked with me to troubleshoot. He found the bug in HelpSpot and gave me a patch until the next release.


Thanks for the update! This one definitely needed some hands on support, but I’m glad we found the issue. Thanks for providing access and taking the time to walk through it.

For those who are curious, calling Live Lookup from a trigger (currently) sends a lot more data than when you run it manually from the UI. That can cause various issues, so we’re going to remove the unnecessary data that’s being sent currently.