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Live Lookup Not Working


I’m evaluating a copy on our own server and have a copy of live_lookup_ad_and_ldap.php which runs fine if I run it manually with various parameters (i.e. returns well structured xml). When I implement this inside HS I’m getting the “No Customers Found” message every time. I even changed the live_lookup_ad_and_ldap.php to set the filter to a known value so I’m not relying on any of the GET parameters from HS so that I know it will return something and that still doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?


Hi Richard,

Can you email us a copy of the output of your Live Lookup script or the URL if it’s open with some valid parameters and we’ll take a look.


I just got it working. It seems to have been a security issue. I had it set to windows authentication for the live_lookup_ad_and_ldap.php file so when I ran it manually it was running ok but through the HS interface it was getting a 401 status. I had to check the iis log files to determine this. I have the code running in the custom_code folder. Is this the preferred spot?


Ah, great.

Actually it doesn’t matter where the code runs from, it doesn’t even have to be on the same server. That folder is fine though since it will keep it with your other HelpSpot files.