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LiveLookup error



I can’t get livelookup work…

If I call my script via browser, I get correct XML, looking like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 312786

However in Helpspot I’m getting this message:

An Error Occurred

XML Parser Returned Error: Not well-formed (invalid token) (4)

Source Path:

Call Type: http

When I click ‘View XML’ all I see is “Invalid GET Data” string.

Do you have any suggestion on what I am doing wrong?


You should have a source path that ends in the script itself so that could be part of it, I’m not sure how it would react to a redirect. Meaning don’t use the directory livelookup/ use livelookup/index.php or whatever it is.

That could be it. If you want to send in your URL via email we can check the xml.


the path is not directory path but the page generated by CMS (ExpressionEngine)
I’ll email you the link now.


Hi Yuriy,

I checked the URL you sent and it works fine from our test installation. So I think you’re setup OK, I believe the issue is that your web server may be firewall’d from calling that URL (can even be the case if it’s on the same server)


Thank you Ian , I’ll get in touch with hosting support on this


Ok, It appeared that the problem was because of .htaccess URL rewriting. I changed the path to and everything worked