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LiveLookup for cc:'d Public Posts


I often find when I make a Public Update, I CC: people other than the original customer. I have to go into my email client to look up their addresses, then cut-n-paste into HelpSpot.

Would be really nice to have something like LiveLookup to find and fill email addresses for the CC: field.


Hmm interesting idea. Sort of like an address book API where it would pop up a widget and you could flip through your emails. It may be a lot of complexity though for not that much bang.

What about having the ability to set the CC field from a prepared response? Then even if the only thing in the response was some commonly cc’d people you could just select it an go.


For me, the only ‘common’ CC’s I do are to other people on HelpSpot, so the Notify feature works just fine. Most CC’s are to arbitrary people, so the lookup capability would be much more useful.


Gotcha. Actually there’s going to be a new email field as well in a future release and this would be useful in that as well. I’ve got this down for more research and possible inclusion in the 2.0 version.