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LiveLookup - how to debug? Any error logs anywhere?


In 2015 I had Livelookup working nicely.
Recently tried to get it working again using HS v4.5.7
I have two LiveLookups both using HTTP but to different servers.
One of my Lookups works fine but one does not reach the server it is calling.

I can test the URL is good using a browser or ARC and all is fine.

But HS is simply not making any communication with the server.

The URL format is:

Like I said it used to work years ago but now does not and I can’t find any HS logs to see why. Are there any logs? Or is there a way to get some debug info?


FYI I have set the following in config.ini but does not seem to help much

define(‘cDEBUG’, true); // Setting to true will output errors to the browser and log file


If there is an error returned it should show up in the livelookup area when you run it. If nothing is returned at all (this is what it sounds like you have happening) I would trying curling the URL from the server itself. Behind the scenes php is using curl to access the URL from the server.