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Local DNS and Alias Issues with LAN HelpSport Portal


I’ve been trying to configure our LAN environment so that users can access our local HelpSpot portal by typing in http://support into their browsers.

The local destination here is usually input as http://data:82/support

That gets them to the portal where they can read knowledge books or submit trouble tickets, etc.

How do I configure my Windows DNS server to properly forward requests for http://support, and do I need to configure something in the site files, too, in order to make this happen?


Hi Chad,

In the httpd.conf at the very bottom is:

Alias /helpspot “C:\Program Files\helpspot\helpspot”

You might be able to adjust that to

Alias / “C:\Program Files\helpspot\helpspot”

See if that works (presumes you left the normal install path)

Also, you won’t be able to get rid of the :82 as it’s an alternate port you’re using.

I think changing data to support will work on it’s own if the server answers to http://support

Also just as an FYI the win installer can install to IIS as well, though if you already had other websites on there it’s sometimes easier/cleaner to just use Apache.