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Locked out


ok… this is a new one for me…

I am the admin for our helpspot install

I modified the admin settings yesterday and added 3 new custom fields

I also changed the header and footer php files

Today, I am not able to log into my helpspot install!
I clicked the button 'email me my password’
this worked and I had a close look at the user name and password - THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT I AM USING and thus, something is wrong with my installation and I am locked out.

My other users say the same thing - they too are locked out and none of them admit to changing their pw

what can we do to get back in?


FYI for forum visitors:

We’ve resolved this issue. The issue was due to uploading a purchased license for less users than were active in the trial. Normally HelpSpot catches this scenario so we’re looking into why it allowed the upload.