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Long Notes takes lot of CPU



We recently upgraded to 3.1.1.

Now our staff is complaining that when they type long notes the input starts to lag.

When monitoring CPU on my machine I see that the CPU usage in Chrome rise to 40-50 % when typing fast with longer notes (15-20 lines).

We also tried with Firefox and IE. Same results.


Hmm, interesting. We primarily use Chrome and haven’t seen that but will take a look. Not to much has changed in that area other than a newer wysiwyg version, but it’s possible there’s a bug in there. That’s the most likely culprit.


Ah, well that’s really weird :slight_smile:

OK we’ll take a look.


I can confirm that we see the exact same issue here (I also primarily use Chrome, but other web browsers have the same issue). If you start having more than 150 words (approx.) even the keystrokes become noticeable slower and it’s likely a JavaScript problem. This is on fast machines and we noticed this on both Windows and Mac OS X machines.


Could you try setting HTML notes to yes, but using the formatted text box instead of the wysiwyg. That will let you type as a normal text box for the most part but also does allow you to use special syntax (markdown) to create HTML if you want.


Hi Ian,

we see the same issue with the Markdown (i.e. text) editor. We also prefer the plain text version to improve the email delivery (i.e. increasing the chance to go through spam filters). The bug is also quite easy to reproduce: simply paste a larger text to the request form (non-HTML) and just type different characters fast. The CPU should go up significantly and you should see the input lag.