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Lookup Via POST vs. GET


We recently upgraded to 4.0. In our previous version we had live lookup with the Setting that says Lookup Via HTTP(s) - via GET and it worked fine. When we upgraded the Live Lookup stopped working. We switched it to HTTP(s) - via POST and it works again. My SysAdmin says the format and/or order of the query string changed in 4.0.

I’m looking all over for documentation on this setting but can’t find any. Can you tell me the difference between GET and POST and why with 4.0 I had to switch to POST. By the way, I’m still reading in the customer_id from the query string like I did with GET, I’m not reading anything in from the posted data, so as far as I can see, the query string of the URL must not have changed.

If there is any documentation on this, please point me in the right direction.


We just recently also upgraded to 4.0 and live lookup also stopped working but I didn’t change the path. We are still using GET. We are using live lookup with active directory implemented through a linked server. I had to update myServer address in llookup.php and then on the 2014 sql server I went to Server Objects, Linked Servers. View properties of ADSI and choose Security. Change login option to “Be made using this security context:” Then I used a valid ad account. This fixed our issue.