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Looping email integtration bug


I’m running Helpspot 2 on an Dell Xeon Quad with RHEL and which POPs an email box on an adjacent MS Exchange server. Every 2 mins the task.php runs as a cron job. At least once a day the POPer in helpspot get’s stuck pulling he same email until someone delete’s it out of the exchange mail box. A message was left running over the weekend once and brought helpspot and the system to a standstill and to fix it I was forced to delete a ticket with 2000 repetitions of the same email.

I’ve tried changing the email integration settings in helpspot to Imap, but that doesn’t seem to change things.

I’m currently testing this, with plans to scale up to 6-8 users in April if this is successful, but this seems like a fairly big bug. What other ways are there to deal with this, other then assigning someone the task of cleaning out email boxes?

I’d have to say that I’m not really ready to recommend implementing helpspot until this is figured out. If the next version fixes this, then when is it due out and what are the chance of a patch to resolve it now?


Hi Richard,

Our next release has an improved loop protector for existing requests to try and prevent this situation. In the meantime though do you have PHP setup with the Tidy extension? A very poorly formatted HTML email can sometimes be the cause of this issue. Also, if you haven’t adjusted your memory settings to allow for large attachments that can also help if large attachments are causing the block:

It would be very difficult to pull a patch out, but we could make available a beta release for you if you want to try it out. I would note that we’re still working on the release so it’s not been fully tested. Also, it probably wouldn’t be until the end of the week that I could make it available.



I think we’d like to see if the beta release takes care of the issues.

I am out of town next weeks till after the 24th so there’s no rush.

I’m going to try and implement the PHP Tidy and configure for large attachements as well (I believe I have done so when I install 1.5, but need to verify the config).




I checked on my config and the server that’s running helpspot was setup to deal with 80mb files in all of the areas that the large attachment KB indicates. I’m having a bloody hard time installing PHP-tidy, but i’m hopeful that I’ll get it installed soon.

I’m still getting fairly regular looping emails. Any word on the beta?