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Lost all background color, some images, script errors. Only one computer works


After the 2.4.2 upgrade only one site computer (mine) works properly on our support site. I have not tried an off site computer. This didn’t happen until the upgrade was done for us. The only difference between my PC and others is that I am on XP SP3. My IE7 works as does FireFox. Some script functions are not running. I have trusted the sites and checked IE7 settings. The only other issue is that company PC’s run a PC Tools Program called SPYWARE DOCTOR. I tried turning this product off on two computers but it had no effect.

This is a major problem because we WERE scheduled to go LIVE this week. That can’t happen until I fix this on our PC’s. Why would the display be affected and helpspot scripts not run after the upgrade? SpyWare doctor was installed last month and didn’t seem to have any issues then with the helpdesk…


Update: this was a problem with the HS_Cache_Static table. Emptying the table and allowing the cache to rebuild (by visiting admin.php) fixed the issue.


Exactly how would I do this? I think I have just encountered the same issue?


Hi Chris,

Just empty the table HS_Cache_Static in the database. Don’t delete the table, just empty all the rows.


Remember, you are writing to an idiot when it comes to this stuff, how exactly can I access the table to do this? Is there an application to open the tables? Step by steps would be nice.
Thanks Ian.


Hi Chris,

Are you on Engine Hosting, your own server or another hosting company?


Another hosting company. Dewahost.


I figured it out. I emptied the table and everything looks back to normal. Thanks for your help.