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Lost data due to login prompt


We’re running the latest version of HelpSpot on Win2K3. Several of our users have run into this same problem (using FireFox v3). We often leave HelpSpot open with the auto-refresh option enabled. When you come back to the browser it will let you click around and view various queues and records. The problem is that sometimes we’ll enter a bunch of text in a record, click Update Request, and suddenly we’re being asked to login again. At this point all our data is lost. Clicking ‘back’ will not take you to the previous input form.

Has this bug already been reported, and when can we expect a fix?


Hi Chris,

Are you sure you’re on the latest version? On the request screen if you’re logged out while on that screen (though not others) when you click “update request” or “update and close” you should see a black bar across the top that allows you to log back in without losing anything.

The latest release is 2.4.7, you can check in Admin->Settings.


We are running 2.4.7. I’ve seen that black bar before but it hasn’t appeared in quite a while. Whatever triggers it appears to have stopped working.


We don’t have any other reports of that failing. What browser are you using? Do you see any errors in the browser when on the request screen?


We are using FireFox v3.0.5. No errors are displayed. It goes to the initial login screen when you click ‘submit’. If you click ‘back’ it will take you to a completely blank request form, not the one you were just viewing.


This just happened again and I lost 30 minutes of work! This will have to be corrected somehow or we can’t use the product. I had been working in the system for over an hour and had updated at least a dozen records. Suddenly I click ‘submit’ and I receive that login prompt (see screenshot #1). When I click ‘login’ I’m taken to a blank request form (see screenshot #2). Since I can’t attach screenshots I will send those via e-mail. Hopefully it will give you more information about the problem.