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Lost password


You can laugh all you want, but I have to admit it: I forgot the administrator’s password!

I reinstalled HS after purchasing it and chose a new password. I used HS quite a bit after that but today I just can’t remember the password! I’ve tried all my common passwords to no avail.

What can I do? The password in the DB is encrypted, so a simple solution is for someone to post the encrypted form of a simple word e.g. idiot. So I can put that to the DB and then use it to login.


Found a solution: emptying the password field in the DB, let me login with no password.


Heh, interesting solution. This is a bug that should probably be closed though. HelpSpot doesn’t allow empty passwords in the forms, so it shouldn’t accept them as valid. Thanks for posting this!

A ‘forgot my password’ function is on the todo list so you should be seeing that in a future release.


You know, exactly because I had this issue:

I believed clearing the password wouldn’t work. But there was nothing else to do so I tried it anyway (and was rewarded)!