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Mail Rules


I have a Mail Rule setup to set the status to URGENT if the criteria I specifed is met. This works but I don’t get SMS notification on these. I get SMS on all other URGENT requests. Am I missing something in the setup?

If I can’t get notified if I set the status via a Mail Rule is there a way to set the status using tags and the email parser? Is there a status tag?


I think the problem is that the mail rule acts after the email is imported so the status isn’t set to urgent until after you’re notified (or at least the code checks if you need to be notified). If you’re forcing it to be urgent you can set a second action which emails you as part of the mail rule. Right now you can’t set an SMS to be sent, but I’ll add that to our list of features for consideration.


Another Mail Rule question.

I’d like to add a note if criteria is met but that isn’t an option. I could always do a custom field but it would work better as a note.


Right now you can’t add a note from the rules, but that’s a great idea. I’ll put it down for consideration in a future release.


Generally, one rule will be faster.