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Mail Setup


I’m wondering if anyone has set this up with IMAIL. I’m unable to get mail working proplery. I check the IMAIL log files and there is no record of the account even hitting the mail server.

I’m running on windows 2000. I had no real issues setting up but this has stumped me.



Hi Greg,

Most beta users are using email integration, but I haven’t heard of anyone using that exact system. I don’t know too much specifically about IMail, but have you checked that the port is what you expect. We did have an issue from another user where their imap was on a non-standard port. You could also check that there’s no networking issues between the two servers that prevents one from contacting the other.


I did check the port. I know we use authentication on the mail server as well. This is what I was looking in the logs for. I figured the username+password was getting sent wrong, but then I did not even see the failure in the log. I will let you know how I make out.


Just a follow up. In Settings I changed the mail settings to use smtp and it is sending fine. I’m just having issues receiving mail at this time.


Well that’s half the battle at least.

Are you trying to receive via pop or smtp?

Is this your own mail server or one administered by a hosting company?


Receving via POP. When running the Tasks.php I continually get the cannot connect to:

I can telnet from the box to the mail server on 110

It is a mail server we admin. May just require more playing around.

If you have an insight I’m all ears.


Mailservers aren’t my #1 area, but I have a couple more things to check.

Some mailservers I’ve seen require the full address as the username. So if your pop username is support you would actually need to put in the HelpSpot username field.

Perhaps you require secure pop? You could try the pop3s setting.

Do you have an external pop account you could try to connect against? I can email you the details for our test account if you don’t have one to try with.


I’m also having trouble getting the incoming mail to work. I’m running my MTA (Postfix) and IMAP server (Dovecot) on the HelpSpot localhost. I’m running it insecure, and have no trouble sending and receiving mail using any IMAP client. I’ve set up the HelpSpot mailbox with the same settings as my IMAP client, yet the log is showing that HelpSpot never even attempts to connect to retrieve the mail. How is the mail checking accomplished?

Aside from this, I must say that I am WILDLY impressed with this product. Great job, Ian!


Thanks Mark, it’s really really great to hear that! Comments like that make all the late nights and struggles worth while.

Now on to your problem. First off, did you setup tasks.php to run automatically? the tasks.php file does all the email grabbing and can be either automated or run manually in your browser (of course you’ll need to automate it for production use). Try running it manually to see if you can get it to connect that way. The path is


Let me know how that works, if nothing shows up in the log we’ll move on to the next step.


That did the trick. I guess I missed that in the docs… Many thanks!


Excellent! It sounds like you have a pretty standard setup so I thought that might be it.

Let me know if you need any other help.


I finally got around to installing helpspot, on a webhost’s linux system. The basic install was smooth. I’ve not understood what the route is to automate the email integration.

First tho I tested the manual email tasks.php op, and saw “Cannot connect to” …nothing has arrived in the inbox (except for the msg from Ian), and the email is still sitting in the mail server if I log in to the acct. I did set up an acct for this in hs (that step seems to be missing from the instructions) but must have erred in the config. I used hshelpdesk as the user name, as the domain, pop3, port 110 (both of those are what the webhost has provided).

Eventually, am I supposed to set up a cron job to automate? If so, could someone post an example or two? I have successfully set up two cron jobs, but as it’s not my realm both times it amounted to a lot of trial and error. If it’s not a cron job I’m supossed to set up, what else?



Hi Michael,

It sounds like you’re pretty much on the right track. I think were you’re going wrong is with the domain. It should not be http:// because that would be the wrong protocol for mail. You might want to try just or often it’s something like (ignore the http:// at the front of this, helpspot is putting that in. It’s fixed in the next release to not show that).

You’re also on the right track with the cron job. That is indeed what you need to setup. First make sure you can get the mail to work by calling tasks.php manually. Once that is you can setup your cron job.

Usually you can do this by logging into your servers command line and type crontab -e

There are several commands that can work in the crontab depending on your setup. This one normally works:

          • /usr/local/bin/php -f /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/path/to/helpspot/tasks.php

It will run your tasks.php script every minute to check for new mail and reminders. Let me know how it works out.