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Mailbox configuration


I am trying to set up a mailbox, Our email server requires that users log on with their full email address. So, when I’m setting up the mailbox, I put and I put as the hostname. When I run tasks.php, I see the error:

Cannot connect to

How can I tell HelpSpot to check the Mailbox without appending the domain name?


Hi Greg,

It sounds like you have things setup correctly. Many mail accounts require the full email, including ours here. Perhaps you don’t have the correct hostname? Often the hostname is something like or The hostname is the domain name of the mail server.

Let me know if that was it.


nope, resolves to the main IP of the server and there is a POP3 daemon listing on port 110… Funny thing is that I think this was work at some earlier point. Is there any way that I could access the POP3 transcript to debug the session?


There is a debugger in Admin->Settings->Email integration though I don’t think it will tell you much more. Take a look at the error log in Admin->Tools->Error log and see if there’s any more details in there.

Many customers use that type of configuration so it should be fine. We must be missing something. Do you need to set any of the security settings? How about the mailbox being something other than INBOX? Any “odd” characters in the password, perhaps a backslash that could be messing with things? Are you sure the web server has network visibility to the mail server?


Ian -

Thanks for your help! The error logs showed me that the IMAP client was not verifying the SSL certificate of the POP3 server because it is a self signed cert. I just changed the security to ssl-no-validate and tada it works. Thanks for the tip!


Cool. I was having the same problem.
Same as you guys we have to enter the complete email for USERNAME/LOGIN.

I was confused initially because for Username it states ‘(Usually the part before the @ in an email)’ and for Hostname it states ‘(Usually the part after the @ in an email)’

Ian perhaps for Hostname your hint should be (Usually ‘ or’ - just as you listed above.


Is there a setting to leave email on the mail server?


Good idea Alex, we’ll probably swith that wording. An upcoming release also includes more contextual help so hopefully that will clear some of these things up as well.

No, you can’t leave the email on the server. We experimented with it during initial development but it lead to way to many problems. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep copies though, you just have to manage that at the mail server level. If your mail server supports some type of backup you can use that, or send your help emails to an alias mailing list where 2 accounts actually receive the mail.