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Mailbox option is working slow


I have HelpSpot running for 4 months getting requests from a mailbox, working right, but since yesterday the new request via mail are not creating new tickets, and the mail is already beeing processed. What can i check? The requests are supposed to appear in the Inbox.
Also the problem is specific to new requests, the replies are arriving without any problem, Error Log doesn’t contain any error.

The database server (SQL Server) is a quite big machine, with many databases, some of them are 10 times bigger than HelpSpot and are working fine. Transaction Log are running every 1 hour and full backups in a daily basis, also database maintenance very week.


After 1 day the behaviour of HelpSpot is the next:

  1. New request via mail are not creating new tickets.
  2. Replies via mail are beeing processed correctly.


Are the new requests being removed from the actual mailbox on the mail server or are they still sitting there?

Have you created any triggers (admin-triggers) that may be auto closing new requests as they come in?


Yes, the new requests are being removed from the mailbox, is empty, also i have a copy rule, so i know the requests are arriving.

There are no triggers, i haven’t modified the configuration in the last week at least, so i can be almost completely sure no changes have been made.

Also, replies to the same mailbox are arriving and processed by HelpSpot.


You probably need to contact our support so we can take a closer look.

The only other thing I can think of is to check admin-settings-email integration to be sure duplicate check is set OK, though that would only be impacting if you see true duplicates.

Also be sure you don’t have a second installation of HelpSpot running as a test setup or what not that’s pulling out of the live DB.

One final thing would be to search on one of the email addresses to be sure it’s definitely not in the HelpSpot DB but just closed or auto assigned somehow.