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Mailbox Setup Problem



I’m having problems setting up a mailbox. Helpspot is installed on the same server as the mail server (it’s a dedicated box we own and we set up Helpspot on one of the accounts on it). Everything seems to be working okay, but when I add the info for the mailboxes, I get the following error:

Error: Retrying PLAIN authentication after Authentication failed.

I am 100% positive the settings for that mailbox are correct, and I have no idea what that error leads or what I can do to solve it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Vincent,

It looks like your mail server is trying to use an authentication method not supported by the PHP IMAP library. What mail server are you using? I know some older versions of Dovecot had issues with PHP.


I’m honestly not sure what they set up for us on that box… I’m having no luck with G-Mail either (which is actually the account I’d prefer). When I try to test that mailbox, I get:

Error: Can’t connect to,993: Connection timed out

I have it selected as IMAPS and port 993 and even tried it as IMAP and port 993.


I’m kinda lost, as you can tell.


In security set SSL-NO Validate. Also be sure your username is the full email address.

I haven’t seen that hostname before for gmail. Usually it’s: so if the above doesn’t work on it’s own try changing the hostname to that with the same security and see if that works.


With SSL - No Validate and set to port 993, that’s the error I get back from the test. Is there anything I can do to get diangostic info that would help you?


The complete settings should be IMAPS, port 993, SSL-No Validate. That should do it. If not is there any chance there’s a firewall or some other networking issue? That I would think would be the next most likely culprit.

One other thing to check is that your PHP installation is compiled with SSL enabled for it’s PHP IMAP module.


We don’t have a firewall on the server, everything is set correctly, and IMAP and SSL are both compiled in our PHP module. I checked with our hosting company this morning.

I’m pretty much lost now.


If you could email us your HelpSpot login we’re happy to go in and take a look and see if maybe it’s just something out of place. We can test with our own gmail account to see if that works.


Hi Vincent,

I copy/pasted your connection settings into our HelpSpot and it test connected no problem, so the the issue is something with the networking/hosting. A search online of your error indicates some hosting companies have configurations which can cause this error.

Perhaps you can check with your host any any dns/port configurations that may be causing this.


Thanks for your help, Ian. I’ve forwarded the info over to the guys that have our server and they’re going to take it from here.

Much appreciated!


Ian, I was wondering if it would be possible to get an extension on the demo? We literally got it working this afternoon (our hosting company fixed the issue; they apparently firewalled us without telling us). Everything seems to be working now.

Thanks again for your help!


Sure, no problem. I’ll send it over shortly.

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