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Mailbox stops working after adding LDAP


I had Helpspot mailbox working just fine no problems. Then I changed the authentication for our staff to use Ldap instead of the Helpspot Internal authentication. Now the mailbox won’t pick up mail. When I test the mail box I get Error Login Failed. I never changed the password or any settings for the mailbox. Only Ldap authentication.

thanks for the help


It actually shows the below error in the error log. it makes no sense considering that I am able to login with the email account elsewhere. The account is fine, I am sure of that.

Mail Import Cannot connect to EmailAddress #IMAP Errors-> LOGIN failed.;LOGIN failed.;LOGIN failed.;Too many login failures tasks.php 185


Somehow some way it started working again. I kept testing and saving and somehow it finally started working again. My settings are back to what they were initially and it works.


It sounds like something was attempting to login to that account with the wrong password and locked the account out temporarily. I suspect that enabling LDAP auth for staff was simply a coincidence.


That was not the case I checked to see if the account was locked and it was not.
All is well now, what caused the issue, We’ll probably never know.
Not worried about it.