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Making Reporting Tags Mandetory



Is there a work around for us to make selecting a reporting tag mandatory? We have a siutaiton where an outsorced team is not selecting tags for their custom responses and we would like to have a way to prompt them to do so before they close out the ticket.




Currently there’s no built in way to do that. If they rarely select multiple tags you could convert to using custom fields which can be set as required.

Another option would be to build a filter that shows requests with no reporting tags so that they can easily see what they need to go back in and fix.

A third option would be to use the admin theme system to use jQuery to enforce reporting tags being required.


I believe you could also create responses that the outsource team should use, which will trip the required reporting tag automatically. This would require one response for each process step, but it would be consistent.

Those options would show under

Responses > Request Actions


Yep, that’d be a great way to do it as well if the process is formalized like that.