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Managing Customers (info)


I may be missing something but is there a way to manage customer information centrally?

I have customers who have a customer name/number (company-level) and individual users. I would like to be able to manage all of the Company and User contact information - not just enter it in when creating requests (creating duplicates, etc.).

If someone could point me in the right direction here I would appreciate it.



No, HelpSpot does not act as a CRM. This is intentional since most of our customers already have a customer data system of some type and having to duplicatly store this information is a huge pain. Instead, HelpSpot takes the approach of integrating with these other data systems using the Live Lookup API. You can find details here:

Basically Live Lookup allows you to query against your CRM/customer data storage system in real time and pulls the information right into the HelpSpot request screen.


What systems could I query against? Any suggestions?

I currently don’t have anything but I’m in the process of building a number of new servers.



You can query against just about anything. The only thing HelpSpot cares about is that you return the XML in the proper format, so what you do in the script itself doesn’t matter. Your script doesn’t even have to be PHP, it can be any language you like. We have people using ASP, Python, Ruby, etc.

All HelpSpot will do is make an HTTP (or command line) call to your script and pass in what it knows about the customer. From there your script makes whatever connections it needs to and formats the results as XML for HelpSpot.

Common things to query against include CRM systems, databases of assets or customer information, contract information, Active Directory, LDAP servers, etc.