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Manual Email response to a submitted ticket


Ok dumb question. I am testing out Help Spot to replace what we use currently. That must be the problem. I am approaching this wrong as far as what I am currently doing. I have a test email ticket in my Queue and ALL I want to do is reply. I see how to do just about everything besides this very basic function. There is no REPLY to ticket function. I have looked through the documentation and this Academy but cannot see how to simply reply with an answer to a ticket in my queue. Is it because I have no responses set up? I just want to manually respond. Please guide me to the right place to see how to do this. Thanks.


Hi kdgroves,

Please try “Update Request” button (but consdier your audience before you do).

You’ll notice that there are three options on update type. “Public” “Private” “External”

  1. Public will notify the person who emailed in or the email in the “Customer Name” box “Email” at the top in the Customer section.
  2. Private will notify your staff (only show up in your helpspot portal on the request history)
  3. External will allow you to notify someone outside your organization that is not in the “Email” box on the top

I think in based on your description of your test, you’ll want “Public” to notify the requester from the email field in the Customer section.

p.s. this is not a dumb question at all, all systems are unfamiliar until we learn them :slight_smile:


Heh Bill, Thank you very much for your help. I will try this shortly. Best,