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Merging Tickets Deletes Creator



One issue we are encountering is that if we merge multiple tickets, any customer name is replaced with the creator of the ticket we chose to merge. So if we had ticket 1 from John, and ticket 2 from Sue; merging both tickets into ticket 1 would replace Sues name with Johns. Is there a way to prevent this? It makes it very hard to track and communicate with all involved employees.




Hi Brett,

The merge feature is really designed to merge requests from one customer or perhaps where the customer doesn’t matter. Normally communication to different customers should be in their own requests.

You can use batch reply to respond to more than one customer at a time however.


I’d like to add a Feature Request or something here, too. We merged a bunch of tickets today, because we had a systemic issue. But it would be nice to see who was affected. The History shows the ticket number as reference, but I can’t find anywhere to look up that ticket information. And we still want to be able to report on who submits tickets.


Right, so you wouldn’t want to merge tickets in this case. Merging is only for when you want to consolidate multiple requests from a single person (usually) into one. Where they’ve contacted you multiple times about the same issue.

You can use the batch replying to reply to all the people impacted at once (the batch respond button in the Workspace) and even reply and close from right there. This way they’ll all have the same category, custom fields, and will be closed out together. This way they’re all still there for reporting. Also, if any of them reply just their request will re-open.


Well, the problem is that if there is a systemic issue, we want all of the information in one place. We may have several technicians documenting their work in different tickets. We’d like all of that to be in one place.


Then you might want to create a master ticket where they all work out of. That would be the easiest centralized solution. Having a bunch of notes across different customer interactions even if they were all merged into one request would still be chaotic so a distinct ticket just for working that one problem is the way to go.

You could in addition or as an alternative have a custom field for problems that’s a drop down. When a new big problem hits update the drop down list with a name for this problem and then you can have filters that are set to show open requests grouped by problem (create filter, options tab). That would give you a nice dashboard of all requests currently in this problem state on one screen. If you left it just as I describe you could also see multiple problems grouped together from this one screen if there’s several going on at once.


So, I guess here’s how I think it should work: When we merge tickets into a “master ticket”, the “child tickets” should still have all of their information for reference, but maybe hidden from view. But there would be a link in the history, allowing us to see those details. Furthermore, the owner of the ‘child ticket’ should still be showing. This allows us to differentiate the information coming in the history.


Using a filter with a problem custom field would give you that kind of layout (but more powerful). Normally a parent/child system would be used to organize requests dependent to each other rather than organize related requests by problem. I still think a field is a better way to track a problem than parent/child. Just my opinion though :slight_smile: In any event, we don’t have parent/child so it’s not an option currently! It’s something we will evaluate though.