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Metrics Document


Is there a document existing public or private that I can give to my employees for ensuring they use best practices and habits in HelpSpot? I know it is not taking average of 58 hours for each ticket… I am looking for a user primer that will enable them to improve their metrics by knowing more about how they work and what they should do to ensure efficiency.


Hi Tom,

We have the user manual, but it’s not really specifically about that. It’s more general how to and where things are.

That is an interesting idea for a document. We’ll kick that around a bit.


Thanks Ian,
I think it will even help your product get used in environments where metric tracking is a bigger deal (for me it is something I am pushing for). For example, I understand [HelpSpot] is endlessly configurable, short of each user (or manager) writing a doc for their teams - having a ‘vanilla’ metric management guide would ease anyone into your suite.
Best Regards,