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Microsoft Exchange Setup


Hi Ian, I am very new to using Helpspot, I just downloaded it yesterday and am in the process of setting everything up and am having challenges with setting up the mailbox. Our email server type just shows Microsoft Exchange, but doesn’t indicate whether it is POP or IMAP but I have tried combinations for all options and nothing is working. The errors I have gotten are either “Host not found” or “can’t connect, timed out” and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am not very computer savvy, but have been tasked to set this up for a couple of us in my office. Can you give me sort of an idiots guide of advice on how to get the email setup please. An assistance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Mailbox Setup Problem

Hi, is your email server hosted on office365 or is it hosted elsewhere? Office 365 settings can be found here If you are hosted elsewhere you will need to contact your exchange administrator for the correct imap connection settings.