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Migrating from X to helpspot


For several years we’ve been running a custom piece of software to run our customer support,
now we have decided to move to HelpSpot.

Now it would be nice to be able to create an conversion script for migrating all support questions from our current system to HelpSpot.

I was wondering if there are already some hack/scripts that are doing conversion work, so we have an example / starting point for migrating our own system?
Any script showing migration from some kind of system to HelpSpot will do :slight_smile:


Hi Frenck,

It can be done and some customers have done it. The web service API can be used for this and has some custom options to make it easier (ability to set a date and such).

However, we recommend you think very carefully about this. Often times the other system won’t map well into how HelpSpot thinks about requests. Also just dumping in all the old data without properly categorizing it all and assigning it will lead to the database being unnaturally off balance which can hurt performance.

In most cases the old data is rarely accessed after the first month or two so it’s usually sufficient to run both systems for a short time, with the old one there to only be a reference for recent cases.