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Migrating old tickets in the free edition


We have 2 licenses for an old version of helpspot, and just installed the newest 3-user version of helpspot on a new server. The idea is to get the new helpspot install working as a replacement to our original install. We did not try upgrading since we moved the software to a completely new server while we were at it.

I’m trying to migrate our old tickets from the old installation to the new installation using the helpspot utility provided:

php hs convert:requests --days-back=90

It is failing with message “Current license is expired”.

Yes, our original 2 licenses are expired but it seems odd that migrating our tickets forward would be restricted because of that. Is that intended helpspot team? If not, please advise how I might still use the utility app to migrate the tickets.



Hey Trevor

We need to do some code changes to allow this scenario. However, if your old version was 3.2.12 what you can do for now is update the rows in HS_Settings table for the customer ID and license to be those of the free edition. Then run installer.php.

If you weren’t on 3.2.12 there’s not going to be an easy way to move currently. You’ll have to wait for us to make some other tweaks in an upcoming release.


Hi Ian,

Our existing version is 3.1.8. It has served us very well to this point but we do look forward to trying the latest version.

I have access to the old server so should I first upgrade it from 3.1.8 to 3.2.12, and then follow your previous instructions?


To upgrade to 4 and the free license you’d first need to get to 3.2.12. The fastest way will be to buy your renewal and upgrade to 3.2.12. You can then do a normal v4 upgrade from there. You can then move to the free license in the way I describe above and will never have to pay again (unless you go above 3 users or hit one of the other limits of course).

Otherwise, I don’t have a short term solution. V3 doesn’t know about the free licenses so they can’t be added to that and the old v3 downloads won’t work there. We have a lot of other things going on so custom code to move expired v3’s to new free licenses is not something we can take on short term (this is one of the downsides of free!).

Another alternative is simply to run your old v3 as a legacy system and move to V4 on free as a new install. It will require a little bit of setup, but once you get your users and categories and such moved over it shouldn’t be too bad. Turn off the mailboxes in v3 and move them to v4 so all new email goes in there.


I’m open to purchasing the renewal to move us from 3.1.8 to 3.2.12 (at the 3.2.12 pricing) but the online store is no longer setup for that. Seems to moving me to new licenses all together. Perhaps we should continue the pricing discussion offline. Please have someone contact me direct (or here is ok if you prefer).

For the migration, it is not mandatory that we bring all old tickets forward but it would be helpful. We’re on a new server so the old version is not being upgraded except to help with the migration. Otherwise it is being decommissioned once this new installation goes live.


I checked on your account, it’s correct. Just skip the top box that talks about licenses and hosting and go to the support renewal one below them. Leave it to ‘yes’ and you should be able to finish checkout and be all set.

From the logged in store you’ll be able to download 3.2.12. Upgrade your old server with that so the DB is on that version. Then from there you can upgrade to V4 on the new server. I’d do it under the newly renewed license for now. Then, once upgraded to v4 on the new server if you want to move to the free license you could do so by editing the database table in the manner described above.


Hi Ian,

It looks like I have to renew the support for both of our 2 licenses. Your form won’t allow renewing only 1 license.

Once renewed it appears that our 2 licenses are valid for the latest version. We only need 2 licenses total, but if available then we’ll use a 3rd. Since we’re installing on a new server it makes sense that we upgrade to Helpspot v4.x especially now that the initial 3 licenses are no-cost (vs continuing to run 3.1). If we wanted to give a 4th/5th person access to our Helpspot implementation would they be covered under our 2 paid licenses? Just curious…

For the migration I’m planning to upgrade the old server to 3.2.12, and then use the “php hs convert” tool to migrate all of the old tickets to the new server implementation (using 2 separate databases). Do you think it would be smarter to install 3.2.12 on the new server as well, point it to the old database, and then update the new server from 3.2.12 to 4.x (avoiding db to db copies)?



The owned license and free/subscription version are not compatible so you’d have to move to the 5 user plan if you needed more users or you could buy licenses under the owned plan.

I would upgrade your current server to 3.2.12 first. The conversion to v4 always rebuilds a new database as that’s part of what’s changed so either way that will have to happen. Since you know V3 runs on the old server I’d upgrade that in place and then from the new server do the V4 transition.


That is fine regarding the 5 user plan, and the data migration makes sense.

In that case then I would like to renew support for 1 of the 2 licenses then (not both) since I’m not actually using the support or the licenses. I just need the 3.2 version to help migrate the old tickets forward.

How can I purchase 1 support renewal?


Yes, I made that change for you.


Paid and received the Download link email. How do I get access to the 3.2.x version I require. Looks like only 4.x is available.


Found. it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Upgrade complete. It is useful that we have the old tickets in the new helpspot instance. Would have been even better if the migration tool brought over all the settings too. Not a major issue as going through each screen is workable. Thx.