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Modify/Add reports


Is it possible to add custom reports or to modify existing ones?

I would like to create a report which lists all requests that have been escalated.


It’s not possible to add custom reports directly into the interface, but many customers have written custom queries against the DB for specific reports they need.

You should be able to do an escalation report if your staff use the “urgent” field as the indicator. Then you could use the built in reporting. You could also use the built in reporting if you were to add a custom request field for escalation. Then you could draw reports based on if the field has an escallated status. You could also have a status type of escalated, which you would add in Admin->Settings so there’s several ways to approach the problem. It’s hard to say which is best as it’s often depends on how you end up setting up the rest of the system. Once you’ve worked with it a while one will tend to fit your workflow best.