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Monitoring SLA compliance


Has someone setup some kind of report or query where you can see response time and time until the problem was solved (close request) for each request of a category?
I’m sure qwe are not the first which have to monitor times for a service level agreement. So far I checked the available reports, but no one can comply our needs.
Thanks for your help


There’s not currently a speed to first response option, though this report is in an upcoming release. There is a time to resolution report which lets you filter by category.


Time to resolution would be fine, but I would like to see these time in a list of all requests. Is this possible (maybe a DB quuery?)?


There’s not a direct column to add for that, but you could add the open and closed times. You could then export to excel and crunch the numbers. A DB query would also work or using the API to build your own report would work as well. The columns of info are dtGMTOpened and dtGMTClosed, they are unix timestamps.


We are currently looking at HelpSpot to replace Cerberus as our support system; and SLA monitoring by company (that can have one to many email addresses / people) and by individual case does matter.

In addition to reporting, being able to see any current case slip SLA also is important; though I do understand one can set up rule automation on escalation, but not all of our customers (which are companies first, then their people) have the same SLA.


You know it is bad when you spell your own last name wrong :wink: It would be nice for an edit post feature in the forum area.


I fixed it for you!

Sure, you can easily create different automation rules for different customers. Simply make the customer ID one of the conditions to be met.