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More Advanced reporting


Are there more standard reports that exist in the demo or on the actual version ?
Can we create our own reports over the database and if so with what ?

I’m looking for pie charts over certian information in the database by category,
or whatever selection I would like


Hi Nick,

The trial version has all the reports of the purchased version so there’s no differences there.

You can certainly build your own reports from the database, many customers do. Also, the reports can all be downloaded to excel so you can build additional charts there if needed.


That’s great what tool do your customers use to build the reports with, I’ve got MYsql Query browser but I can’t seem to find out what the port or connection is to use, BTW nice software.




Normally they would use SQL directly. The query browser should work. It should be on a standard port wherever you installed MySQL. You can see how HelpSpot is connecting in config.php in the root HelpSpot folder.