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More Customization for the Inbox


For custom filters, I can sort by a specific column, but the Inbox is very limited in its customization. I’d like the ability to have a little bit more control of it.

In our specific instance, we have a custom field “Who is affected?”, which we ask customer if the problem is actually preventing them from working or just an inconvenience. Obviously, we’d like to deal with “Work stopped” issues first - so it would be nice to put those at the top, followed by “inconvenience”, followed by “I need a new program installed on my PC”, etc.


Sure, the way to handle this is to build a custom filter defined exactly how you want it. So in Workspace click Create Filter. You can then order based on that custom field (under options).

Note the ordering is done alphabetically so you’ll want to adjust your custom field if needed. You can use a 1., 2., etc in front of the name if you have to since in this case you want a specific order.

You can also under the options have them grouped based on that custom field value.

If you want it to replace your inbox take a look at


Yea, I guess filters do exactly that. I’m just trying to use the built-in tools. (inbox, my queue, etc.)


Yeah, really those are just pre-built filters we put there to make getting started with the system a bit easier. As you dig int customizing things though creating the exact views you need with additional filters is the way to go.


If we replace the inbox, does that only replace the inbox for the logged in user?


Hi Bill,
The filter that you create can be shared with individuals or groups or with your entire HelpSpot install. The only setting that is individual is the “Default Workspace” setting. That setting will need to be set up by the logged in users.


Thanks that answered my question!