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More Subject Line Integration


Our department has been using HelpSpot for about 6 months so far and we love it. It is very easy to use and is great for organizing our client support items!

We do have two suggestions though:

  1. Display Subject Line in search results. Currently, only the request ID, open/closed and owner display.

  2. Display Subject Line in merge confirmation window. Currently, the request ID, customer ID, first name, last name, email and opened on display.

We work with a lot of the same customers, so increased integration of the subject line would be incredibly useful to us in providing more specificity to ensure that we are selecting the proper request.

Thank you so much for your consideration!


Hi Amanda,

Thanks so much for the feedback! If you use the new advanced search tab it actually does show the subject line just like the filters. You could use the full text history search condition of advanced search to do the same thing as the tab for it and same with customer info. It would be nice to have it in all the searches though so I’ll put that and the merge request down for consideration in a future release.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for bringing the advanced search capability to my attention. I did not realize that you could do that! Thank you for considering the implementation of the Subject Line in the merge request function. We really appreciate your openness to feedback and willingness to consider in future releases!