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Most efficient way to assign new request to staffer


One of the key features of our existing helpdesk software is the ability to “auto-route” the request to a staff member or group. In my HelpSpot trial, I see that it’s possible to create an Automation Rule that has the stated effect of setting the “category/staffer”. However, in the list that follows, I see only categories – not staff names. What’s the best way to go about assigning a new request to a particular staff member according to other aspects of the request?


Hi David,

There’s a few ways to do this. One is to have it routed as it comes in. If you’re using the web form this is easy, in a category select the auto assign option. It can be the default user or various random assignment types.

If you want to assign based on other types of criteria then automation rules will work. When you select category/staffer pick a category then another list of staffers will appear.

When using automation rules though you need to be careful to always make sure the same rule does not match again on the same request. So in your actions you must change something so that the conditions are no longer true.

In this case you might have a condition that the request is unassigned. Then the action of assigning it will make sure that the same request does not get reassigned over and over.


OK, I see how that works now, and I like the way the concept is implemented in HelpSpot. In the Automation Rule, if one selects “Inbox” as the destination, does that go to a global Inbox, or one that’s just for that category?


That’s the global inbox, though something in the inbox can still be assigned a category. The conditions of the global inbox (since it’s really just a filter) are open/closed is open and assigned to is unassigned.