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Moving email subject into custom field


Is it possible for a new request via email have it’s subject line added to a customer field. 99% of the time the subkect line of the email is a good short description of the problem.


The subject line is already tracked in a dedicated field which you can add to your filters via the column ‘email subject’ under the options tab.

There’s not a way to dynamically add it to a custom field currently though. Adding some more dynamic population is something we’re looking at.


Similar to this, but slightly different. I think each HelpSpot request should have a “Title” or short description. This should default to what the Email Subject was… but - BE EDITABLE! :slight_smile:

All the views that show the email subject description now should show that new editable field instead.
This way there is no change required for those that have good well trained customers with helpful email subjects.

However, for those customers that send in an email with the subject :Problem
We can now edit that subject and easily understand in the future that they actually had “:Problem Logging in”

What do you think?


I think in general we’ll probably be leaving the subject handling as is because changing the users subject makes it kinda confusing for them on your replies.

However, one of the more advanced features we’d like to add in a future release is the ability to dynamically add a value to a field via a trigger/rule. For example, you could create a ‘subject’ custom field that becomes your internal quick view subject. This custom field could then optionally have it’s value set dynamically from the emails subject line. You could then edit and such as needed.

This would also allow much more complex setups like custom fields who’s value is derived from structured text in an email body “product id: 1234 -> dynamically inserted 1234 into the product id custom field” and so on.


Any chance you could take a select custom field and add it to the top “Customer Information” section instead of the right bar?