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Moving server


Is it possible to move my application from one server to another, and also to change the domain from .net to .com?

Thank you

Yes, just migrate the SQL database over and everything should carry over. You can then edit the domain in the config file

Yes, if you are on windows, you will want to rerun the installer on your new server and then copy your database over by making a backup and restoring it to your new server. Here’s some more info

Thank you both, I’ll be moving from Linux to Linux.

OK, it seems to be working. If I use the widget a new ticket get created. If I send directly to the email address, tasks.php does not seem to be picking it up. This is also true if I run tasks.php manually.

Any thoughts on where I went wrong?

Nevermind, it seems I only set up the new email address in one place, I found the setting in another place, all is well now.