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MS Exchange Integration via WebDAV / MAPI



Love this app and am looking to use it as my Helpdesk software at work.  I have an issue connecting to my Exchange server (I am in the US and my Exchange server is hosted by our parent company in Hong Kong) as we are not allowed access to Exchange via POP3 or IMAP.  I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect via MAPI, or if someone could look at this site and help me make the necessary changes to do so:

I am not much of a coder, so I wouldn't know where to begin.  I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide.



Hi Brian,

Currently the underlying PHP libraries that HelpSpot uses to pull in email cannot use MAPI. We have looked at perhaps creating some type of custom scripting to use the Webdav interface, but it’s not something that we’re looking at doing short term.

It’s not that common for neither POP or IMAP to be available so the extra complexity of webdav is something we need to weigh. One simple think you could do is forward the emails out of Exchange to Gmail or other. With some companies this is OK, with other not but that is a quick and easy option.