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MS Exchange


Does anyone know how to add the customer information tags to the end of emails in MS Exchange? I would expect there must be an option that could post process the emails, like a .forward is used for a scpefic user with sendmail.


I don’t know enough about the inner working of Exchange to help with this, but I’d certainly be interested in finding a solution if you find one. You can always work in reverse if needed an use Live Lookup to find that info, but of course having it come in initially is better.


I’m not aware of a way to do this with Exchange (2003 at least) without doing custom programming at a level I am unfamiliar with. I’m sure it’s possible in that there are hooks for antivirus tools scan messages (and modify them if necessary) as they are processed through Exchange. But it’s not your average everyday administrative task, unless you happen to be a Windows programmer…