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MS Remote Assistance request problem


Our helpdesk staff sometimes use the MS Remote Assistance app (msra.exe) to help with customer workstation issues. msra creates a file called “Invitation.msrcincident” (very small, only 5k), and gives the customer the options to email it or save to disk. When they email it to our automated inbox directly from msra, the request doesn’t get pulled into Helspot. However, if I save the file, attach it to an email and send it, then Helpspot successfully processes it and creates a new request with the attachment intact.

Jaime Heenehan


Hi Jaime

Have you checked to see if yoru email server has filters for incoming emails on files ending in .exe?

Many strip out such files on incoming emails, as they are often viruses. If the email server did that, then the emails might never reach HelpSpot as they aren’t counted as a new email in the email systems inbox (And HelpSpot never sees it).

However if you, a user of the email system, create an email, you might have permissions to attach such files (it depends on the security settings of your email system).

That’s mostly a guess tho - it may or may not be related to email server security settings.

Also check out your Admin > Settings > Email Integration > Forbidden Attachment Extensions to see if that might affect it!