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Multiple Document Upload via Portal and Release Date for Next Version



We are starting to use HelpSpot with our HR unit and they would like the customer to have the ability to upload multiple documents via the portal interface. Is there a way to do this? I tried several different methods but none worked.

Secondly, is there an estimated release date for the next version of HelpSpot? Even a ballpark estimate such as Summer 2010 would be helpful.



Hi Sharie,

You can allow multiple file uploads, you need to edit the request.tpl.php portal template to do it though. You can read how to safely edit templates here:

Around line 193 is the line that talks about it and about how to add more file input lines to allow it.

On version 3 you can see some sneak peeks here:

We don’t have a release date, but the beta is approaching fairly soon. The release date will depend on how the beta rounds go, but we certainly hope to have it out by summer.