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Multiple Inboxes?


Hi Ian,

Is it possible to set up more than one inbox for our company? We have broken our support into three major support teams and would like to have an inbox for each team.

Thank you!


Another question, is it possible to run reports/filters by “permission group” ? We run a lot of department wide reports which require us putting each person as an option in the filtering.



Hi Zach,

You can create a filter for each group with a definition that makes it the inbox. Normally that would be something like open/closed is open, assigned to is unassibned and then category is X or mailbox is X something like that.

In the filter options is an option to put the inbox at the top of the left nav so you could do that. The main inbox will still be around, but you’d basically just ignore it as long as the new inboxes cover all your inbound requests.

It’s not currently possible to take permission groups into account on the reports but that’s something we’re looking into.