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Multiple Mailboxes with the same e-mail account


Good Afternoon,

I have successfully added a user to our exchange (2003) server, and I currently have HelpSpot pulling e-mails into tickets from the “INBOX” folder. The text within the Mailbox settings pane make it seem that i can pull e-mails from any folder, but when i create a new folder (both inside and outside of the INBOX folder) HelpSpot returns the following error:

Error: Can't open mailbox {**OurDomain**.com:110/pop3}**FolderName**: invalid remote specification 

Is there some kind of syntax I’m missing?


Hi Derek,

We have seen Exchange sometimes be temperamental about this. Try a folder that’s a simple name with no space, no special characters, etc. If that doesn’t work check in exchange if there’s a more formal path for the folder like, inbox/folder

One a side note though, we don’t really recommend you pull from folders with a very good reason. It’s usually much cleaner and better to have separate accounts and pull from each. The only way items are usually in a folder is if a person put them there and you generally shouldn’t have people and HelpSpot interacting within the same account.