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Multiple recipients not added automatically to ticket but when added to Cc they do


We are currently evaluating Helpspot. We installed on-site version on Ubuntu.
During our testing we found out that when sending an email to open a ticket and we add another recepient in Cc then it automatically add the Cc recipient to the ticket and he receives all updates regarding the ticket.
But when we send a mail and put both the Helpspot email address and the additional recipient in the “TO:” instead of “Cc” then the additional recipient is absent from the ticket and does not get updates.
Would be happy for any help
Thank you


Hi, Anyone? we would really appreciate an answer, even if the feature is not possible.


Hey Avi,
Thanks for the question. CC’s are handled by HelpSpot as being users that should be involved in the request. The TO field is not treated this way. So the behavior you are seeing is what would be expected.