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Multiple Sites, Single Knowledgebase

Hi, I’m new to helpspot and am shopping for a solution to my ticketing requirement;
my company services many school sites, each with multiple users who report issues, I need a separate sub domain for each site, allowing multiple clients at each site to create tickets within that sub domain,
sub domains must not be able to access other client’s tickets, all clients must have access to the central knowledgebase, tickets must be able to be created via smartphone app, portal or email.
How do I achieve this with helpspot?

Hi Eugene,

You would be able to have one centralized HelpSpot installation and then for each client create what’s called a secondary portal. Each portal could be on it’s own subdomain and be branded to each client.

Then users could submit tickets via the portals. In your HelpSpot you could also have an email address for each client all checked by HelpSpot.

Note, that you would need to be on a paid version of HelpSpot as the free version can only have 1 portal.

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