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Multiple Tiers for Catagories


I wanted to add this to a wish list for the next release and see if having muliple tiers for catagories (Reporting tags within Reporting Tags) would be something that other users might use or find helpful. I have seen other help desk software have this ability to have catagories that are three to four levels deep.



Hi Greg,

Actually the categories + reporting tags are really designed to prevent the need for deeply nested categories (of course this isn’t going to be the case 100% of the time). The problem with deeply nested categories are many. First, new staff have a hard time getting up to speed because they need to know what’s below what and so on. Second, it can greatly increase the time to classify requests. One final issue that would be specific to HelpSpot is that since assignment is tied to categories that entire system could get confusing.

All that said, I’ll definetly note this for more thought down the road.

Also in version 2 of HelpSpot you’ll be able to build your own version of nested categories as they’ll be a new multi-tierd predefined list custom field type. So you could categorize via the custom field.


Hm, we still hope to see HelpSpot handle multiple “products”, each with a different sets of categories. Is this something that will be possible with the “multi-tier predefined list custom field” thing in 2.0?


Yes, you could probably do this with the multi-tier lists. Basically they’ll be select boxes where the first select box sets the second and on and on as deep as you need.



As for tags (to get closer to the original topic), I think it would be great if (maybe admins only) could create tags from the particular request pages. Also some tools on managing tags would be useful (e.g. rename a tag, merge tags etc.). I can do the magic in MySQL, but it would be so much easier to have this right in HS.