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Multiple Upload files with different names



I started using HelpSpot. I would like to add multiple uploads at the Request Form. I want one of them to be required and the other one to be optional. I added to uploads inputs easily but when I added the name=“doc[]” at the required script, the other upload inputs became required too. How to keep one upload field required and the other one optional.

< input type=“hidden” name=“required” value=“doc[]” / >

< p>< label for="doc[]" class="datalabel required">REQUIRED UPLOAD</label><br />
	< input type="file" name="doc[]" size="60"> // SAME NAME USED "doc[]" 
< /p>

< label for="doc[]" class="datalabel">OPTIONAL UPLOAD
< input type="file" name="doc[]" size="60"> // SAME NAME USED "doc[]"

How to keep the second upload to be optional

I hope my question is clear!

Thank you,


Hi Rakan,
I know I already responded to you separately, but I thought I would post this out here in case anyone else happens across this.

I have worked out a way to achieve what you are looking for by simply using some independent validation javascript. Here is the complete example

As you will note on the first field we add an ID of doc1

Then we add some validation javascript

and finally call it during submit That should get you going!


Thank you so much!. It’s working perfectly!.