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My Queue: feature requests and a bug (?)


Hi Helpspot!

Well into my trial now and I fully intend to purchase. On that subject I just have a few notes on the “My Queue” filter.

While I find the view useful, I am not really sure why My Queue needs to be “special”. What I mean by this is:

a) It would be useful to have someone non-My Queue features for My Queue (such as being able to default sort the columns).
b) It would be useful to have My Queue functionality for other queues - e.g. the “recently updated” flag and “read/unread” status link in the left-hand side of the screen.

I work with a lot of custom filters in my one-person install and having some functionality in one queue (e.g. sorted per customer) but not in the main queue (My Queue) is sometimes confusing. Additionally, if I want an update on whether a customer has made a change to the issue since I last used to, I have to look at the issue in My Queue, although to be honest this functionality would be better for the Inbox - where I would rather leave issues before I have decided whether to take them or not.

All this can be dealt with with workarounds, but it would be nice to have the option to simply not have “My Queue” and just do everything with custom filters - plus of course the added My Queue functions of recently updated and the read/unread count.

And now finally to the bug (or feature?).

My problem is as follows:

  • I am logged in as the one and only user
  • I go to My Queue and select some issues
  • I then change the status of all these issues to some other status
  • My Queue is then updated with “recently updated” flags (green) - and the unread/read count changes to reflect this as well.

My question is: why? :=) I am after all the one who changed the status, so why does the system think it needs to remind me of this? Is there a setting I have missed somewhere?

Otherwise a fantastic system and the Custom Field + Excel export features are gonna save me hours on preparing invoices!


Hi Ed,

Great to hear it’s going so well!

The short answer is because it takes so much space to track the unreads :slight_smile:

The issue is that it’s reasonable to track unread status for requests assigned to you. However, tracking unread status for all users for all requests would require storage of huge amounts of data and for relatively little gain (think about 100 employees with 1,000,000 requests and tracking unread status between all users and all requests). Also, in the environment of a help desk tracking unreadness isn’t usually as important as the replied status.

So in filters if you use the replied to column (the one that shows the arrow) it gives you pretty much the same thing. So in your filters anywhere you see the arrow you know a staff person was the last to publicly reply and so you know that request is all set until the customer responds. If the column is blank the customer has updated and you need to take a look.

On that status issue, I’ll need to take a look. It probably shouldn’t be making it unread so I’ve logged it as a bug and will check it before the next release.

Thanks for the comment, please keep them coming!