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Need portal to not show closed tickets when logged in


The portal is working great with our staff members as they can check on tickets. Most of them log in to check ticket status. Being that they put in 5-10 tickets a day, they would like only open tickets to show up when they’re logged in. Is there a way to customize the portal to show only open tickets when logged in?



Sure, this is something you can accomplish by editing the portal templates, specifically template request.history.tpl.php.

Here is information on where to find the templates and how to edit them:

I’ve created a gist with what I believe would be what you’re looking for - it checks if the request is open or closed. If it’s not an open request, it skips displaying it:

However you may need to adjust that if you want to check for business logic you use such as “is closed and status is ‘Resolved’”.


Thank you chrisfidao. That worked perfectly.