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New print view


I have a bit of a feature request, because I can’t find this:

I’d like to turn My Queue (or a filter) into a printable to-do list. I know I can customize the displayed fields now and that gets me a somewhat decent print view using the Print View button, but I’d like a sort of cross between the list print view and the request print view, that shows me a bit more information (maybe even the history, or the initial request and the most recent two responses in the conversation) but give it to me in a grid or list view that might be a bit longer than one line per ticket.

Why? Well, my office is a minute or two walk from everyone else, so I’d like to get a list of tickets to take care of elsewhere in the building and print a list, with enough information to actually work from to resolve the issue. I know I can print an individual request in its entirety, but I have to do it one at a time whereas I’d like to do more than one.

I’m not sure exactly what this would look like to be a compact as possible (taking up less paper) while still giving enough details. Maybe something for you to chew on? :slight_smile: I’d be happy with being able to click on the entries in the print view that I wanted to display and have the whole history shown (just the human comments, no actions like closed/open/status changes) drop down dynamically, so I could expand the history for the ones I needed to address and print that.


Interesting idea. We’ll kick it around, though I’m not sure about this being a feature. With the new API coming in v2 though it would be easy to build your own printable filter view which displayed exactly as you want. You could put big square check boxes next to each item, or have a worksheet format, etc.


Hmmm…yes I did forget about that API thingy :slight_smile: Nevermind, I’ll hack away at it down the road when I get the chance :slight_smile:

Are you considering a public “plugins” site area where people can post stuff they’ve developed for the API that is public-worthy and interesting? Along the lines of the WordPress plugins repository, etc.


Yep, though at first we’ll probably just post examples people submit with the API docs. A lot of what people are going to be developing will be specific to them, but as general examples come along we’ll post them. Once it seems like there’s enough of them to justify a real part of the site we’ll set that up.