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New requests are being pre-populated with the contents of the last update entered from a separate request


Hi there,

We have recently upgraded to HelpSpot v4.5.4.

Since the upgrade, any new request we create contains the text from the last request update performed by that user.


  • Start at Inbox / My Queue
  • Click “+ Create Request” button towards top of page
  • Enter any compulsory details
  • Enter text under “Note” (e.g. “Test 01”)
  • Click “Create Request” toward bottom of page
  • Return to Inbox / My Queue
  • Click “+ Create Request” button towards top of page
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: >>> The new request’s “Note” section is pre-populated with the text from the previous request (e.g. “Test 01”)


Hi Brendan,

Sorry about that, and it was indeed a bug.

We have fixed this in the latest release and if you upgrade again this will be sorted out.


Bumped into the same issue - though is indeed fixed on 4.5.6.


4.5.7 here - did this bug return as my staff is reporting this problem and I have been able to recreate it.


We upgraded to 4.5.7, and my first request added showed the problem, but none since.

However, another staff member swears he’s seen the issue happen again at least once since his first post-upgrade request.


Hey there. We have another patch that is in development that addresses an edge case with this. I’m guessing that’s what you are running into.


Thanks! We look forward to the patch when it is ready.


Hi there,

I have a few further questions on this topic…

  • Is the new patch available?
  • What is the current stable version?
  • Would it be better to wait for the next minor (4.6.0) release?